In addition to being a licensed mortgage loan originator, we’re also a licensed real estate broker. When you get a hard money loan from The Berkley Group, we’ll list your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and won’t charge you a listing broker part of the commission! This can save you thousands of dollars and increase your bottom-line profit!

If you have an established relationship with a real estate agent or broker, we understand and respect that relationship and are equally happy to provide you with a loan whether you choose us to the list your property or you list with another agent or broker.

There are most often two real estate companies involved in a property sale through the MLS. The company that lists the property for the seller is the listing broker. The company that brings a buyer for the property is the selling broker. A listing broker often shares or splits their commission with the selling broker to compensate them for finding the buyer. After getting a hard money loan from us, we’ll list your property on the MLS and waive our listing broker part of the commission. You’ll only have to pay the selling broker’s commission.

As an example, you get a hard money loan from The Berkley Group to purchase a single family house to renovate and resell. Here’s how we save you money:

In this example, your profit increased from $52,895 to $58,895 resulting in SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS more in your pocket! This is what sets us apart from banks and other mortgage lenders. We work hard to eliminate hidden fees, junk fees and provide you with reduced commissions on the resale of your property. It’s your money and we think you should keep more of it!

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